John at CARS has been looking after my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup for the past 12 years, in fact, since I imported her from Texas. I sincerely hope that he will continue to do so in the years ahead. Regards,

Jeff Money

John at CARS has taken care of my Astro Van for the past 3 years and am happy to travel from Bedfordshire for him to do so.

The service at CARS is honest and reliable and I would not have my van serviced anywhere else. John is always happy to help with advice by phone which is a service that has been invaluable on a number of occasions!

In John you will find a diligent and knowledgeable man ,who has always done
first class work on our Mustang, and I would wholeheartedly – recommend him, all round nice guy.

All the best, Hedley and Sandy

John at CARS has looked after my ’65 Mercury Park Lane since I became the owner in 2008.

A friendly and professional approach coupled with his in depth knowledge of my car means a great deal to me as I know the car will be cared for and prepared as if one of his own.

I am a keen American/British classic car enthusiast but I live overseas as an expatriate and have to rely 110% on the professionalism and integrity of those working on my cars. After some considerable research, I elected to engage the services of CARS back in 2006 to work on a recently imported 60s Buick. To this day, I am delighted with the decision I made and have never
looked back. John is the commensurate professional, delivering timely and detailed work in a cost effective manner. He always engages early with me to ensure I understand fully the scope of the job and the cost of the project. On a number of occasions, he has gone well out of his way to support and offer recommendations regarding on-going repair and complete renovation work. I trust his skills, knowledge and judgment and would recommend him unreservedly to any classic enthusiast who wishes to keep these wonderful machines on the road.

Yours aye,

I have been using John Simmons (Complete Automotive Repair Service) to maintain and service my American cars since 1994, when he sorted out a problem on my 1970 Plymouth Fury .

He has always given a prompt service be it a bulb change, service or engine rebuild and all between , I import cars from the USA most years from a 64 Pontiac,72 LTD, 71 Fury 65 Mercury
etc. and he gets them serviced and MOT’d ready for me to register as soon as I bring them back from the docks.

I can and do highly recommend him to look after your car.

David Harvey.

Since 1993 CARS have serviced and maintained my Plymouth Voyager (WAV) and now a Dodge Voyager (WAV) which they advised on the importation and then prepared for UK standards,

I have always found “CARS” knowledge of American Vehicles to be exemplary and excellent workmanship, repairs and servicing.

David J Barker